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Genealogy: Workshops and Handouts

A guide to the Genealogy resources at the Alvin Sherman Library

GSBC Handouts

Family History from the British National Archives

The British National Archives offers a variety of podcasts on variety of subjects of interest to their users. Once section, Family History, offers information on genealogy.

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GSBC Library Resources Presentation - January 2022

Presented by Sarah Divine, Adult Services Librarian and Gena Meroth, University Archivist.

Are your ancestors buried in the library? Here are tools to uncover your family history hidden in the online and printed resources in the NSU Alvin Sherman Library and GSBC collections. Local, Florida, national, and international resources are at your fingertips with the expert research tips by professional librarians and archivists.

2019 Summer Workshop Series - What is Your Family Story?

This six week series served as an introduction to basic genealogy research. Attendees learned best practices, how to search sources, and strategies in doing genealogy research. Topics covered included the U.S. Census, vital records, immigration research, military research, and a variety of other resources.

This program was part of the American Creed Community Conversations and was designed to engage Americans in reflection and dialogue about their own part in the American story, and in acting to shape that story for the better.

Presentation Slides

Homework Assignments

Who Do You Think You Are?

Watch episodes of  NBC's popular "Who Do You Think You Are?" This TV show features celebrities as they embark on personal journeys of self-discovery to trace their family trees. From the trenches of the Civil War to the shores of the Caribbean, and from the valleys of Virginia to the island nations of Australia and Ireland, each episode will reveal surprising, inspiring and sometimes tragic stories that are often linked to events in American and international history. Season 2 is currently online.