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WRIT 5010 Research Methods

About This Guide

This course guide provides information on accessing library and local resources. Resources on this guide range from databases containing scholarly research articles to databases with historical documents.  Additionally, the guide provides an overview and links to local archives and special collections.  Whether you choose to design a qualitative research project, an ethnographic study, an historical investigation or a family history project, the resources in this guide can help.

Author Examples

During your library session we explored the works of several authors from historical fiction to non-fiction and even qualitative research projects.  Regardless of subject matter, what these works all have in common is the research process behind them.  Before the writing process could lead to the published work,  the authors consulted research material located in libraries, archives, special collections and even digital collections.

Additional Library Guides

The guides below can assist you with citing sources,  in APA or MLA format,  as well as locating additional research materials for your project.