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ORGL 8750: Strategic Planning

ORGL 8750

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Catalog Description

This course will focus on the concept of strategic planning and different research strategies within an organizational structure that involves exploring the perceptions, experiences, and needs of individuals. This course aims to inform students about the main conversations in the field of strategic planning while mastering scholarly literature. The following research tools/matrices will be utilized to identify potential gaps or areas of growth to improve organizational performance: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, Internal/External Factor Evaluations (IFE/EFE), and Quantitative Strategic Plan Matrix (QSPM). Based on strategic research, students will identify the statement of the problem and synthesis of literature related to the problem through research methods and pertinent models, frameworks, or theories. The course aims to make students more informed users and reviewers of a wide variety of methodological approaches to strategic planning regarding solutions and strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate the main components of an organization such as background and history; mission, vision, and value statements; and reputation and sustainability. 
  • Utilize the knowledge to research for reasons as how to strategic planning could benefit an organization.
  • Identify various frameworks, models, and theories for a foundation of studying an issue within an organization.
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of research methods and when best to apply them to organizational problems, solutions, and strategies.
  • Compose new ideas and approaches that advance the literature to identify, analyze, and solve organizational problems.
  • Synthesize scholarly literature to develop problem-solving solutions and strategies for research and strategic planning.
  • Assess innovative frameworks, theories, models, and methods of quantitative and qualitative research options regarding strategic planning.


Hello Everyone,

When we look at developing or revising policies, goods and services, and many other things, we need to have a business mind of critical thinking and decision making, strategic planning, as well as an educational mind. We need to make sure our process is relevant based, so our constituents (i.e., virtually, globally) can apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their knowledge and understanding in their industries. I suggest that we think of the many dimensions of quality, as this is proven scholarly data if anyone needs it: 

1. Performance: basic operating characteristics/main characteristics
2. Features: characteristics of basic features
3. Reliability: probability that the product will operate over time; this is a key element for durable goods and services; consistency of performance
4. Conformance: how well the product and/or service conforms to customers’ expectations; meets pre-established standards
5. Durability: consumers weigh the expected cost in money and inconvenience; life span; amount of use one receives from a product before it deteriorates
6. Serviceability: service after the sale, service appoints kept; problems where complaints are not resolved . . . next steps??????
7. Aesthetics: appearance . . . this is the look, feel, sound, smell, and taste test so-to-speak
8. Perceived quality: advertising and marketing; image of the organization; reputation . . . subjective perceptions based on brand name
9. Response: rapid and flexible responses to customer and market requirements; improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements and feedback; effective planning should prevent problems, provide for a forthright response if problems occur and make information available; be proactive
10. Reputation: obtain people’s trust; institution and personnel’s standing in the field and society
11. Safety: freedom from injury or harm . . . physical and emotional.

I hope you find this helpful and thank you for reading and be well,

Dr. David B. Ross, Professor

Content Area Faculty for ORGL 8730, ORGL 8750, ORGL 8770

Video: The Seven Outs: Strategic Planning & Leadership Development

Presented by Dr. David B. Ross, Professor (Lead Faculty Content Area) 

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