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ORGL 8750: Strategic Planning

Assignment 1: Overview of the Organization

Students will discuss and research the following areas:

(a) organization introduction;

(b) organization background and history;

(c) organization vision, mission, and value statements;

(d) organizational reputation;

(e) organizational sustainability;

(f) SWOT analysis; and

(g) a conclusion.

Students will study many factors for organizational success, both internally and externally. For internal factors, students will study the strengths and weaknesses within the organization and the external factors in order to look at the opportunities and threats imposed upon our organizations. Researching these factors will help individuals stay ahead of competition (i.e., compete, survive) by modifying strategies that operate within an organization. As a result, there are many processes to analyze to build a strategic plan to meet the mission and goals as well as the future landscape (i.e., vision) of the organization, and improve operations and productivity, while remaining relatable to our customers. 

Reference Databases - Mission, Vision, and Value sources

This database will help you find information on mission, vision, and value statements.

Use Ulrichsweb to find out if a journal is peer reviewed.


How to do a SWOT analysis

Summary: Using the SWOT analysis to access a business environment is presented in the context of a business plan for a bakery.