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Elementary Virtual Outreaches

Lesson plan information for elementary school virtual outreaches

Learning Objective(s)

  • Students will classify fiction books by their genre (realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, and fantasy).


National School Library Standards crosswalk with Future Ready Librarians

  • Shared Foundation V.A.1. (Explore) Reading widely and deeply in multiple formats and write and create for a variety of purposes.

READS - Florida’s K-12 Integrated Library Media Reading Guidelines

  • Read 1.3 Use community resources for recreational and informational needs

English Language Arts B.E.S.T. Standards

  • ELA.K12.EE.3.1 Make inferences to support comprehension.

Essential Question(s)

  • What are 5 main genres of fiction?

Key Vocabulary

  • realistic fiction: a genre of stories that are made up but could very well happen in real life
  • historical fiction: a genre of stories that didn’t really happen, but are based on events in history
  • science fiction: a genre of stories that are not very likely to happen in real life, but are generally set in the future and tie in with science and technology
  • mystery: a genre of stories that involve a secret or crime that needs to be solved, usually by the end of the story
  • fantasy: a genre of stories that are made up and include ideas that could not happen in real life, often involving magical or supernatural elements, such as talking animals


Recommended Books

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