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BIOL 1500 Biology I

Welcome to the BIOL 1500 Library Orientation LibGuide

Before class gets started, please do the following:

1) Sign in to the attendance form provided by the librarian.

2) Take the pre-test:
(This is not graded, but try your best. This is to assess prior knowledge of the library.)

3) Bookmark the Biology 1500 course guide:
(You will need to refer back to it to complete homework assignments.)

Learning Objectives

After completing today's library instruction session, you will be able to:

  • Search in the PubMed database for full text scholarly articles on biology topics

  • Utilize APA style to create reference list citations 

  • Use the Linkedin Learning database to view tutorials (such as Excel, Office 365, Canvas, etc.)

You'll see us again!

There is too much information about the library to cover all at once, so librarians will also visit the following courses to focus on specific concepts:

  • UNIV 1000 - Introduction to the library, guided tour, an overview of free resources and services (e-books, 3D printing, etc.) and accessing in-person and digital resources.

  • COMP 1500 - Introduction to scholarly/popular sources, strategies for evaluation, search, and finding sources in databases.

  • COMP 2000 -  Introduction to advanced search strategies, introduction to subject-specific databases, and tailored support for research project.

  • BIOL 1510 - Introduction to scientific publication concepts and guidance on finding articles for lab reports.