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BIOL 1500 Biology I

Razor's Research Bytes

Learn more about the library by completing Razor’s Research Bytes (Library Bytes in Canvas). Complete this self-paced series of online modules. In these “byte-size” modules you’ll learn about: 

  • NSU Libraries and services  

  • Finding, evaluation and citing information sources  

  • Efficient use of library resources  

  • Plagiarism and citing sources

  • Copyright and fair use

Earn your Razor’s Research Bytes Certificate by completing the "What did you learn?" activity at the end! 

*Problems accessing the library's course in Canvas? Contact the Alvin Sherman Library Reference Desk at

Logging In

Razor's Research Bytes is available in the "Library Bytes" Canvas course:

Step 1: Log in to Canvas, go to Courses, and select the library's course called "Library Bytes."

If you do not see the Library Bytes course listed, click on "All Courses."

Note: Canvas works best using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer or a mobile device.

canvas screenshot



Step 2: Once in the course, click on the link for Razor's Research Bytes on the Home page.




Note: If you are unable to access the library's course in Canvas, please contact the Alvin Sherman Library's Reference Desk at