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This guide is designed to help you find research and resources in the field of History.

Viking Exploration of North America

In the late 10th century, Norseman, commonly called Vikings, explored, settled, and colonized areas of North America. This page is designed to help you find primary and secondary sources for research projects related to the Viking exploration of North America. This page is not exhaustive and more sources may be available through the library and Internet. Please email the Reference Desk at if you need help finding sources about a specific topic.

Library Databases

Search Tips

Not sure where to start? Search specific explorer names and geographic place names associated with Viking colonization. 

  • Thorfinn Karlsefni
  • Leif Erikkson
  • Erik the Red
  • Northman or Norseman

Place names:

  • L'Anse aux Meadows
  • Vinland/Vineland/Winland
  • Straumfjord


  • The Saga of the Greenlanders 
  • The Saga of Erik the Red

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find a specific article or book? Request it through Interlibrary Loan. We can try to borrow the item from another library for free.

Open Access Websites

  • American Journeys
    • Primary sources for early American exploration and settlement from the Vikings to the mid-1840s mountain men. Includes English translations of The Saga of Erik the Red. Access provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society.
  • Digital Public Library of America
    • Images, texts, manuscripts, and translations provided by various museums and libraries across North America.

Find Books

Search the library catalog to find books and movies about Viking exploration and colonization of North America.

Suggested subject searches:

Books to help you get started with your research: