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Foundations & Grants

The Alvin Sherman Library serves as a Funding Information Network Partner of Candid (formerly The Foundation Center) and provides a wide range of services to help those involved in preparing grants and soliciting funds from foundations.

Grants Databases

Quick Guide to Foundation Directory Online

Other Databases

            The CFDA contains detailed program descriptions for 2,048 Federal assistance programs.  

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    A central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.     

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    GetEdFunding is a curated collection of more than 3,000 grants and awards that will grow by the day, all selected through the prism of relevance to today’s educational institutions. GetEdFunding is current. It’s built by tapping a wide range of print and electronic sources, web searches, organizations’ web pages, communication with program administrators and conversations with long-standing contacts.