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NSU Oceanographic Campus Library Software Resources: BioRender

Using BioRender

Free Access:

Anyone can create a free BioRender account and design up to five graphics, but the graphics may not be published.

If you are using BioRender in the classroom for educational purposes, you and your students may create free BioRender accounts as long as the images created will not be published.

NSU BioRender Licenses:

Researchers at Nova Southeastern University's Halmos College of Arts and Sciences are able to request a BioRender premium license by contacting the license administrator Lisa Ferrara at

In order to publish any images you create, you will need to utilize one of the licenses from the NSU licensed account. 

Please only request a license if you have an immediate publishing need, as licenses are limited.

Once you are finished with the license, please let us know so we may remove you from the NSU account and provide other students or faculty with a license.  

NSU Portal Login

What is BioRender?

BioRender is a web application that can be used to create scientific figures, diagrams, and illustrations from a scientifically accurate image library.  BioRender contains thousands of pre-made icons and templates from more than 30 fields of life sciences.  Available online for any computer - no download required.  

  • Browse 40,000+ scientifically accurate life science icons
  • Create figures for publications, posters, and grant applications up to 50x faster
  • Collaborate with your lab and track version history in BioRender’s web-based program

Benefits of NSU Licenses:

  • Unlimited storage of figures
  • Permission to publish figures in journals
  • Ability to request custom icons

Getting Started: 

  • To request one of NSU's 20 institutional licenses available to NSU Halmos College faculty, students, staff, and researchers, please contact Jaime Goldman at  

You can browse templates and icons online without an account.  Don't see an icon you need? If you cannot find an icon you need for even the most specialized fields of life science, BioRender will create it in as little as 48 hours (conditions apply). 

For more information, please visit the BioRender YouTube channel.

Image Databases

Can't find an image you need in BioRender?  You can import images from other locations -- just make sure they have a Creative Commons license attached to them for reuse!  


BioRender Tutorials

A complete list of tutorials can be found here.

BioRender Learning Hub


Frequently asked questions

What is BioRender?

BioRender is an online software tool that helps scientists create and share beautiful, professional science figures in minutes.

I already have a BioRender account. How do I link it to my Nova Southeastern University - Oceanographic Campus Library account?

To link your existing account, login on the NSU portal page at: order to publish any images, you will need to link your existing free account to the NSU licensed account.  Images created with a free account are not eligible for publication per BIoRender's terms.

Do I have to sign in through this portal every time?

Yes. In order to access exclusive premium features available through Nova Southeastern University - Oceanographic Campus Library’s BioRender license, you must log in through this portal (

What happens when my NSU license is removed?

When you are finished publishing with BioRender images, you will be removed from the NSU Account.  Your account will return to the Basic/Free status, which allows 5 editable graphics at a time. Your other graphics will still be on your account, but you will only be able to view and edit the 5 most recently edited/opened files.  

In order to access the other files, you will have to remove one or more of the five recently edited/opened files.

You will also lose access to team figures, templates, and collaboration.

Oceanographic Icons and Features of Interest

See below for icons and templates that may be of interest.

You can click on the images to link to the items in BioRender, but you must have an account to view them.


Oceanographic Icon Pack

Editable Template: Phytoplankton Carbon Sequestration

Editable Template: Ocean Crust Geology

Editable Template: Ocean (Layout)

Editable Template: Virtual Background - Ocean

Editable Template:  Virtual Background - Zebrafish