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NSU Oceanographic Campus Library Software Resources: ArcGIS

General Information

ArcGIS10.6 can be found on all of the Oceanographic Campus Library's computer stations.  Students who wish to use ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro at the Alvin Sherman Library may use one of 30 stations at Lab 1040.  Students are encouraged to call 954-262-4700 to confirm that Lab 1040 is available for use.

This includes ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcScene.  This includes licenses to the following ArcGIS toolbox extensions:  3D Analyst, ArcScan, Geostatistical Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Tracking Analyst.  To activate them, select Customize from the ribbon, click Extensions, and then check all of the desired extensions.  Restart the program to finalize the process.

All computers have access to ArcGIS Pro.  Click here for more information on ArcGIS Pro.

All computers also have access to Google Earth Pro.

Library Resources

Online Tutorials and Training

ArcGIS may experience compatibility issues with Microsoft Excel 2016.  If you receive the following error while trying to import Excel data into ArcMap or other ArcGIS software:

  • Failed to connect to database.
  • An underlying database error occurred.
  • Class not registered.

Try saving your Excel file to a .csv file format and moving the file from any external drive to the computer's desktop.  This should allow you to import your Excel data. 

If ArcGIS Pro requests your login information, you do not have to log in.  Instead click "Configure Your Licensing Options" and select "Single User" from the drop-down.  Click OK.  You should then be able to use ArcGIS Pro.

O'Reilly for Higher Education

O'Reilly for Higher EducationLocal access only for NSU. Remote access only for NSU. - ProQuest
EbooksProvides over 5,500 e-books covering topics including IT networking, programming, project management, certification preparation, and digital media. Content is published by more than 100 publishing partners including O'Reilly, IBM Press, Adobe Press, Que, Microsoft, and Wiley. Contents are frequently updated with the latest titles and editions. After logging in, users must select "Institution not listed". Users without a personal O’Reilly account should then enter their NSU email to sign in. Users who previously created a personal O’Reilly account should select "already a user" to sign in or reset a password.
If you experience login issues with your personal O'Reilly user account please email so that your account can be updated. Local access only for NSU. Remote access only for NSU.