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Finding Tests and Instruments

More resources for finding articles that used tests

This tab provides information on how to search for test information and measures in APA PsycInfo, CINAHL, and Eric.

APA PsycInfo

Tips for using APA PsycInfo:

Select the Advanced Search option.

Enter the name of the measure, or keyword/concept. For example, anxiety.

Select Tests & Measures from the drop-down menu on the right, and click the Select button.

Note: Adding the word appended to the search will bring results in the Tests & Measures field that are included in the source, but they may not relate to a test.

CINAHL Complete

Tips for using CINAHL Complete:

Enter your concept(s) or topic in the first boxleaving the pull-down menu on the right as is.

Type test* or measure* or questionnaire* or scale* or survey* in the second box, and from the pull-down menu on the right, select Abstract.


Tips for using Eric:

Enter your keyword(s) in the first search box and do not change the dropdown menu to the right.   

In the next search box type test* or measure* or questionnaire* or scale* or survey* or assessment* and appended, and select Abstract from the dropdown menu to the right. 

Note: A specific test name can be substituted for keywords in the first search box.