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Finding Tests and Instruments

Resources for vetting tests

This tab lists comprehensive resources that provide information about measures such as reliability and validity. Always thoroughly vet a test you propose to use.

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

Tips for using MMY:

  • Published by Buros Center for Testing.
  • Comprehensive guide to testing instruments in education, business, health care.
  • Descriptive information including purpose, population, scores.
  • Lists the limitations, reliability, validity of tests, but not the content of the tests themselves.
  • Many of the instruments include extensive reviews written by experts in the field.

Health & Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI)

Tips for using HaPI:

  • Produced by Behavioral Measurement Database Services.
  • Abstracts from hundreds of leading health and psychosocial sciences journals.
  • Contains information about behavioral measurement instruments, including those from industrial organizational behavior and education.
  • Search HAPI for articles where authors used specific instruments.
  • Searches may be limited to primary and secondary sources.
  • Useful for seeing how a test works.

Sage Research Methods Online

Contains information about methods rather than tests. Type a method such as "case study" or "focus group" into the widget in Sage Research Methods Online to get to books and videos related to that methodology.

Test Reviews Online

Public website. Brief information on educational, aptitude and psychological tests as well as testing and survey instruments for various other fields.