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Basic Look at Video Editing

A basic look at the video editing applications iMovie & Adobe Premiere Rush

*This page will show features that are only available on iMovie through a Mac.


As mentioned on the Audio page, one option that is available on Mac that is not on an iOS device is Noise Reduction and Equalizer. By checking the Reduce background noise box and choosing the percentage, you can adjust the background level to your preference. The Equalizer is there to boost different ranges of audio depending on your needs.

Audio Filters

Also mentioned on the previous page, the Audio Filters option is only available on a Mac, and not an iOS device. This option lets you put a filter or effect on your audio clip.

Clip Information

The Clip Information option allows you to look at how long each clip takes up in the total amount of the project. It tells you the name of the project, and when you uploaded the clip to your project.

Project Media

To keep the media library in view or hidden there is the Show or Hide the Media Library option at the top left of the screen. This allows you to view any media that has been uploaded to the project, whether it is on the timeline currently or not.

Color Balance

Color Balance gives different ways to adjust a clips color. Auto adjusts the clips colors automatically removing any color casts and maximizing contrast. Match Color has you skim a clip in the browser or timeline to find a frame that has the look you want to match. As you skim, a preview of the match source clip appears on the left side of the viewer, and the pointer turns into an eyedropper. Click the match source clip to take a sample, and the clip on the right side of the viewer changes to match the color palette of the match source clip. Then click the apply check mark. White Balance removes any color cast after you click part of the frame that should appear white or gray. Skin Tone Balance will remove any color cast after you click a well-exposed part of someone’s face or skin.

Color Correction

Color Correction allows you to manually balance the color in a clip. The color correction controls include a multislider control, a Saturation slider, and a Color Temperature slider.

  • Adjust shadows: Drag the black slider in the multislider control.

  • Adjust brightness: Drag the gray slider in the multislider control.

  • Adjust contrast: Drag either of the half-moon sliders in the multislider control.

  • Adjust highlights: Drag the white slider in the multislider control.

  • Adjust color saturation: Drag the Saturation slider.

  • Adjust color temperature: Drag the Color Temperature slider.


You are able to crop photos and clips in your projects through the Cropping tab. An adjustable frame will appear that will let you crop the photo or clip as you would like.


The Stabilization tab will help with playing back a shaky video more smoothly by checking the Stabilize Shaky Video box. By checking Fix Rolling Shutter box the image distortion can be corrected, that can occur if the camera moves a lot during recording, or if the camera records fast motion.