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Osteopathic Medicine: Procedures?

Recommended resources for Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine College of Osteopathic Medicine students and faculty

Procedure Guides

Step-by-step Photo Guides

Central line placement. See also Central line placement with ultrasound guidance.
Thoracentesis (pleural tap)
Paracentesis (ascites tap)
Arthrocentesis (joint tap)


eMedicine Clinical Procedures

eMedicine offers some very-well illustrated guides:
Lumbar Puncture
Urethral Catheterization - Men
Suprapubic Catheterization and Aspiration

University of California, San Francisco

The Hospitalist Handbook is a classic guide which is also available in a PDA format. There is a concise procedures section.

Loyola University Chicago

Thoracentesis video from the Loyola University Chicago.

State University of New York at Buffalo -- Procedures

Dalhousie University

Common Currency Videos by the Dalhousie University teach procedure skills like peripheral venous access, ABG sampling, phlebotomy, and urinary catheterization.

University of Alberta and WebMedTechnology

Online educational videos: Central Line, Chest Tube, Lumbar Puncture, Transcutaneous Pacemaker, PICC Line and Epistaxis.

University of British Columbia

UBC has an ACLS lecture as a QuickTime movie (may be outdated). Many of UBC medical rounds can be watched online. SkillStat also has an ACLS training module.

Related reading

Lightning Strikes Twice. Scalpel or Sword? 11/2007.

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Videos in Clinical Medicine, collected by CETL Learning, Queen Mary University of London.
Published: 03/12/2005
Updated: 02/12/2011