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Install EndNote Click

1. Add the extension to your browser to get started:

2. When you install the extension, you will prompted to create an EndNote Click account (different from your EndNote Online account)

Set Up EndNote Click

When you register with EndNote Click, it will give you an option to choose your reference manager. Select EndNote and it will give you the option to export the reference to EndNote Desktop. 

You can also change this in your EndNote Click locker by going to Settings and then Customise in the left hand menu. Select EndNote in the Reference manager integration drop down menu. 

Use EndNote Click to Add References to your Library

When you are viewing an article record on an academic journal website or database, EndNote Click will display a pop up icon on the left hand side of the screen if there is a NSU subscribed or freely available PDF version of the article.

If there isn't a PDF available, the pop up icon won't appear, so in this case, you will need to find an alternative method of adding the reference to EndNote. 

Click on the pop up and this will add it to your locker, the storage area in EndNote Click. The saving option defaults to saving to but on the left hand side menu of your locker there is an option to Export to EndNote Desktop. If you click on this, it will create a RIS file and you can save and add it to your library as for other online export methods. 

This process will also attach the PDF to the reference in your EndNote library. The free version of EndNote Click only provides you with 100 MB of storage in your EndNote Click locker, so once you have added the reference to your EndNote Desktop you may wish to delete the PDF from your EndNote Click locker.