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Manual Entry with EndNote's Capture Reference Tool

What is EndNote's Capture Reference Tool?

  • Toolbar bookmark in most browsers
  • Captures bibliographic information from websites, eJournal articles, eBook chapters, etc.
  • Allows you to import website-based information into your EndNote library.
  • Always check your references --imported references may need some editing

Setting up Capture Reference bookmarklet

The Capture Reference toolbar bookmark works from within your EndNote Online account.

  • Note you need an EndNote Online account.
  • In EndNote Online, click on the Downloads tab, and follow instructions for the Capture tool.

Using EndNote's Capture Reference tool

From the webpage you want to cite:

  1. Click the Capture Reference bookmarklet button.
  2. Complete or modify any of the reference fields. Be sure to choose the correct Reference Type at the top.
  3. Select EndNote (to save to EndNote Desktop) and click the Save to button. (Optional: scroll down and choose a specific group from your library.

These websites work well with EndNote Capture.