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TBRCL I.D.E.A Labs: Our Projects

Printing of Raptor Reloaded Hand

Actual print time 15.5 hours

Design by e-NABLE at

Assembled hand

Assembled hand with tensioning system

Trachea Models for Cricothyrectomy training

The Cric Trainers were originally created by Laura Duggan and the AirwayCollaboration team and released as open-access models. In collaboration with an NSU alumnus, the cric trainers were modified and evaluated as a tool for cricothyrectomy training. Models were printed and shipped to a US Army ER physician stationed in Hawaii for testing.

Thyrohyoid membrane and ligament, as well as trachea were printed in flexible filament to differentiate between other structures.

Inner & Outer Ear for Audiology

Printing of Ameloblastoma

Actual print time 17:36:54

Created from patient's CT scan for residents in the NSU Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Program to use in the operating room for trauma and facial reconstruction.


Completed print with supports.


Completed print with supports removed.

Ear Canal - Audiology Student Project

Audiology students brought in an ear mold which was 3D scanned in order to create a 3D object. The model was edited, cleaned, and then printed with specific design settings.