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TBRCL I.D.E.A Labs: Printing Dental Models

Printing Dental Models

To begin, export your oral scan in the .STL file format. 

Once you have the .STL, there are many ways you can clean the model and prepare it for 3D printing. The video on the right is a quick and dirty method for preparing the model in Meshmixer.

Feel free to check out the videos down below for extra editing tools and techniques.

Once complete, use the tabs at the top of this box to move on to the next step!

More videos on editing dental models for 3D printing:




Remove the build plate and clean the surface before starting your print.

*If there is a print on the build plate, you will need to remove the print and clean the build plate before printing.*

For information on post-processing, please visit here

Check to see if the cartridge in the back is Dental Model Resin. If it isn't, close the vent on the cartridge, and remove the cartridge from the back of the printer.
After removing the cartridge, open the cover of the printer, and pull the wiper straight back to unlock.

Pull the tank straight back to unlock, then remove the tank with the wiper. There should be plastic covers and boxes for the tanks nearby. Do not leave the tank uncovered and in the open! 

Find the tank of Dental Model Resin and make sure the wiper is with it. Place the tank onto the grooves in the printer.

Once placed on the grooves, push the tank forward to lock in place.

Place the wiper in the groove and push forward to lock in place.

*Make sure the tank with Dental Model resin is loaded before placing the cartridge!* If you place the cartridge in the back and there is no tank, the resin could drip into the bottom of the printer.


To place the cartridge, slide into place and then open the vent on the top.

Once the tank and cartridge are installed, set the build plate back in place.

For instructions on post-processing, please refer to the Formlabs website:

For assistance, feel free to email or call 954-262-3119.