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Oceanographic Campus Library 3D Scanner

A guide to the use and best practices of the OCL's 3D scanner.


The scanner turntable will automatically scan your object for you by doing a full rotation and stitching together scans from multiple angles. Make sure the "With Turntable" switch is in the On position. 


The turntable will cycle between 8 and 36 steps. Setting it at higher steps will provide a more accurate picture of your object, but will greatly increase the time and file size of your object.  This is even more pronounced with Texture scans.  Be cautious and realistic about how many steps you need for your object.


The scan will not pick up the top and bottom of your object.  See the Scan Refinement page for information on how to complete your scan.

Please also note that the turntable's rotation can unbalance your object, causing it to move and disrupting your scan.  See the Other Tips and Tricks page for information on how to make scans with the turntable when your object is awkwardly shaped and won't stay stationary.