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Oceanographic Campus Library 3D Scanner

A guide to the use and best practices of the OCL's 3D scanner.

Saving Scans

After you have finished with your scan, click Save Scan.


Give the scan name a slightly different name to differentiate it between all the other scan files that make up the finished product.  You will be given multiple options on how to save your scan.  The scanner is set to automatically save as a .stl file.  The Alvin Sherman Library 3D printer requires the file to be saved as .stl or a .obj file format.

The scanner will now prompt you with the option to scale the file.  This allows you to make larger or smaller printouts of your 3D object.  Note that this will NOT reduce the final file size.


With this your scan is complete and ready to 3D print.  Note that if you chose a Textured scan it will generate both a JPG and a MTL file of the object's texture.  This JPG and MTL file is required to properly render the 3D object in a 3D object viewing program.  Remember to keep both the final scan, JPG, and MTL files in the same folder.