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Oceanographic Campus Library 3D Scanner

A guide to the use and best practices of the OCL's 3D scanner.


If you can't find ExScan S on the desktop, make sure you logged in using the username and password located on the label at the bottom left of the computer screen, not your username and password.

In case of an error that says the cables are loose, disconnect the cable from the 3D scanner to the turntable.  Reconnect the cable and then restart the software.  If this error occurs during your scan, don't worry- the 3D scanner saves every scan the moment it completes, so no data should be lost.

If the application says the device is offline, even though you've turned on the 3D scanner, turn off the scanner, exit the application, turn the scanner back on, then open the application. If this doesn't work, turn the device off and restart the computer.

If the lights won't brighten, make sure you're in a project. If you can't click 'scan,' your project didn't open properly. On the left side of the screen under the 'work' tab, either select 'new project' or 'open work.'  This should prompt you to select a texture/non-texture scan. *

*If you are in your project and it is letting you scan, try clicking on the 'calibrating' screen. Do not complete the calibration. Select cancel calibration and try opening your project again. On the left side of the screen under the 'work' tab, either select 'new project' or 'open work.'  This should prompt you to select a texture/non-texture scan.

The system crashed! Is all my work lost?? No- The 3D scanner will save all of your scans. If you try selecting 'open project' and the file isn't showing up, select 'new project.' The name of this project is unimportant, just make sure you're still in the folder where your original project was located. After naming your project, you will find yourself on the original scanning page. To the left there is a tab under the camera preview labeled 'work.' Under the 'work' tab, select 'open work.' You should see your original project here- select it, and you can get back to scanning!

The turn table scans aren't aligning. If this occurs, the scanner needs to be calibrated. Feel free to ask the Sr. Library Assistant for help, if she's out, the 3D scanner will walk you through the process of calibrating it on the 'calibration' screen. The tools needed for calibration are in the prop box.

The calibration keeps failing. Try removing the foam pad from the turn-table and see if the calibration will succeed. Some other possible methods are to change the usb port the scanner is plugged into, or turn off the lights in the library to see if brightness is the problem.

There is a shadow on my 3D scan. If there is a shadow that appears on your object after the mesh step, you need to go back to your scan (to go back, it does require you to delete this faulty meshing. This is OK, your scans are safe and you need to delete this mesh to go back to the scans.). Open up the 'work' tab on the left side of the screen. Here, you can see all the scans you have completed. Click the blue eyes on and off to determine which scan is responsible for the shadow; there may be multiple scans contributing to the shadow. Right click the responsible scan(s) and delete it.