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Oceanographic Campus Library 3D Scanner

A guide to the use and best practices of the OCL's 3D scanner.

Scan Type

The EinScan-SE 3D Scanner offers two types of scans:  Texture and Non-Texture.  When you begin a scan you are prompted to select which type you would like to use.

"Texture" in this case refers to color and color variation, not the structure of the object. 

Both options will provide accurate scans of the object's structure. Texture scans are best used when color is as just as important as the object's structure. 

Texture scans take much longer to process than Non-Texture and are often a much larger file size.

White Balance Test

If you select a Texture scan, you may be prompted to start a white balance test.  This will help calibrate the scanner to detect color.  Click yes.

Place a white sheet of paper on the calibration board stand and click Continue. (The calibration board is located in a plastic box in the cabinet underneath the scanner).


If you later feel the need to reset the white balance, you can find the White Balance test by clicking on the dot underneath Calibration.