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Allopathic Medicine: NSU MD Library Guide: Anatomy & Physiology

An instructional pathfinder to researching for Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine

Anatomy & Physiology Databases

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

  • Uses unembalmed human specimens to illustrate anatomical structures
  • Five sections: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Trunk, Head & Neck, & Internal Organs
  • Test yourself with the exams for each section

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (in Access Physiotherapy)

  • A multimedia study aid designed to help you explore human anatomy using cadaver specimens and master physiology concepts through animation. 
  • Digital dissections allow unlimited drill and practice - anytime, anywhere.
  • Detailed information and audio pronunciations build anatomical knowledge, and comprehensive quizzing reinforces learning

  • Features interactive 3D human anatomy models, MRI scans, clinical images, movies, interactive animations, quizzes and more.
  • Includes single modules targeting a specific body region, professional function, or medical specialty as well as modules covering the entire human body.
  • The content including text, images, and animations may be exported for use in lectures, student presentations or patient handouts.




Videos for Anatomy and Physiology

Websites for Anatomy and Physiology

Whole body:

LUMEN Learn 'Em : Check your knowledge of anatomical structures on this site form Loyola University.  There are many other anatomy resources on the LUMEN site.

anatomyEXPERT - A collection of drawings, photos and animations of body parts.  Includes a brief description of the function of individual elements.

Human Anatomy Learning ModulesFrom Dartmouth University, this site displays anatomical specimens to test your recognition.

LUMEN Cross-Sectional Anatomy Tutorial  : From Loyola University, Chicago.


e-Skeletons  Great photos in individual bones from different angles.  You can look at human bones and compare them with those of other primates.  From the University of Texas, Austin.

Skeletal System Tutorials from Gateway Community College.  Mouse over a bone or a bone region, guess the name of the red area, then click for the answer.

The Anatomy LessonFrom Georgetown University, this site demonstrates skeletal anatomy, including related muscles, nerves, etc. Landmarks on each structure and the outside of the body are pointed out.   In each section, there is a test to assess your understanding.

Nervous System:

Interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas : From Columbia University.  Uses diagrams, specimens and sections to demonstrate structures in the nervous system.  Some functions may require Flash, QuickTime, and or Shockwave.

Atlas of the BrainUsing anatomical specimens and radiological images, this site from Georgetown University tests your recognition of features of the human brain.



Selected Anatomy & Physiology eBooks