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-MBA/Graduate Student Research Guide

Business and economics guides

Library guides, also known as libguides, are created by NSU Library librarians to help library users navigate library and publicly available sources of information. These how to guides where librarians share curated sources and organize this content around specific disciplines or general interest topics are meant to address the “where do I start?” question.


Most business and economics library guides follow a similar structure and point you to the most relevant books, databases, journals, websites, associations and organizations related to business topics that are part of the HCBE curriculum.


Business and economics library guides:

Accounting and Taxation

Consumer Demographics and Market Research

Human Resources

Pitch Your Business

Business Administration, Management and Leadership

Data Visualization for Business

Industry Information

Process Improvement and Supply Chain Management

Business Case Studies

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

International Business

Public Administration

Business Ethics and ESG



Real Estate

Business Intelligence and Decision Sciences

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneur Education Workshops

New Business Resources

Sport and Recreation Management

Business Writing

Financial Ratios

Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Business

Start ups and Small Business


Florida Economy

Personal Finance and Investing

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Company Information

Health Services Management

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management

Video Resources for Business